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            Massachusetts Driver Program is a complete program to get Massachusetts Driver's License. It is an assurance program to get; Learner's Permit, Driver's Certificate, and Driver's License. The program consists of a complete Driver's Education Program, an assured road test sponsor and an additional hourly lesson objectively to obtain the Massachusetts Driver's License. The additional hourly lesson is lesson given as needed. The assured road test sponsor is a sponsor given till getting License. The Complete Drivers Education Program is a normal program, which contains three components; a Student Classroom Component, a Road Component, and a Parent Curriculum Component.


A-Student Classroom Component:

Within the student classroom component, there are thirty (30) hours requirement to cover theoretically the specific fifteen modules. The thirty hours classroom component is divided into ten sessions of three hour class within the program. A minimum of a fifteen minute break after every two continuous hours of instruction is given within each session. The ten classes are supposed to work on the learning objectives of those fifteen modules:

         Introduction to Drivers Education (Module 1)

         Signs, Signals and Road Markings (Module 2)

         Understanding the Vehicle and Its Controls (Module 3)

         Basic Driving Skills (Module 4)

         Rules of the Road (Module 5)

         Making Safe Driving Decisions (Module 6)

         Sharing the Road (Module 7)

         How Natural Laws Effect Driving (Module 8)

         Different Driving Environments (Module 9)

         Driving in All Weather Conditions (Module 10)

         Mental and Physicals Effects on Driving (Module 11)

         The Dangers of Alcohol, Drugs & Driving (Module 12 &13)

         The Consequences of Unsafe Driving and Poor Decision Making (Module 14)

         Handling Emergencies and Breakdowns (Module 15).

Each and every Module has it own learning objective needs to be worked on. Each and every student must be able to answer those objectives after completion. Besides, there is a final test that each and every student must fulfill the requirement of passing grade seventy five percent or greater. When those objectives are made the student will be knowledgeable on the materials which include; Massachusetts Driver License, The Driver s License Privilege, Motor Vehicle Safety, Rules of the Road, Defensive Driving, Special Situations, and Vehicle Ownership. (The Learning Objectives are available in the classroom session).


B-Road Component:

Road Component is eighteen (18) hours requirement, divided into nine (9) On-Road-Driving schedules. And twelve (12) hours requirement, divided into six (6) schedules for Learner's Permit holder before September 1, 2007. Each schedule consists of two hours session either two hours driving or two hours of one hour driving and one hour observing another student driver. The Road Component can either be started before or after the Student Classroom Component if the student has a Learner Permit. On the road, the theories of the classroom modules will be interpreted and make the student learn and experience with the actuality and reality of the driving world behind-the-wheel driving. Make students realize the obligation of a driver being on the road driving. The experiences will gain naturally from practice those driving skills such as; Pre-Driving, Driving Straight and Curve, Pull Over and Park, Pull Out and Go to the traffic, Turn right, Turn Left, Right & Left Turn, Backing Up, Three Point Turn, Park on Hill, Parallel Park, Back/Start up Hill and expose to the Different Situations and  Traffic Areas. (The On-road Driving Procedure is available at the In-Car Instruction session).


C-Parental Curriculum Component:

The Parental Curriculum Component is two hour session. The attendee can be either a Parent/Legal Guardian or Designee whoever legally allowed. The Parent Curriculum is required to be completed under the provision of the Massachusetts General Law Chapter 90. Section 8 and 540 CMR 23.06 (1) 3 in a program of Driver Education Instruction as prescribed by the Massachusetts Registrar of Motor Vehicles. At the session parent will work on the parent Module which will cover the Junior Operator Laws, Parent/Guardians Role in supporting the Laws, the Driving Skills the young driver needs to master, The Driver's Education Program, and Family Driving Behaviors. 


Excluded from the forty (40) hours of parent road lesson requirement, additional road lesson is lesson given after the twelve hour driving lesson requirement of the enrolled Driver's Education Program. The additional road lesson is not referred to the number of lesson but the skill and the proficiency of the particular student to pass a road test. The additional road lesson is unlimitedly provided along the road test sponsor whenever scheduled. Refreshing to pass a road test is a primary purpose of the additional road lesson.



Assured road test sponsor is  sponsor given for student till getting a Driver's License.  The road test sponsor provides the service such as; book and rebook a road test schedule appointment (Administrative Work), provide a ride to and from a road test place (Riding Service), learn, practice, and review the driving skills (Driving Skills Refreshing), have a school instructor (Sponsor), use a school car (Vehicle Being Used) for the test.

The quite a few of described conveniences are; an Administrative Work, a Riding Service, a Driving Skills Refreshing, a Sponsor, and a Vehicle Being Used.

A-Administrative Work:

Administrative Work is a work to book and/or rebook a road test. The school will be an inter-mediator to the tasks between the student and the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The RMV procedure for the test must be accepted from all parties. To co-ordinate the work smoothly, the requested date, time, and place for the test have to be precisely stated.

Book a Road Test:

To book a road test, a preferred road test date, time, and place, are collected or given for the work. The road test schedule will be booked according to the requested date, time, place, the school availability time and the available slot at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The booked schedule will be informed and confirmed to all parties ahead of time, about a week before the actual road test schedule appointment. The agreed schedule appointment must be abided to avoid charging.

Reschedule the Road Test:

To reschedule the road test student must have a legitimate reason such as Personal or Family Emergency.  School or work conflicting schedule is not a legitimate reason to accept for rescheduling the test.

Cancellation of the Road Test

In case of unavoidable cancellation, a student is expected to notify the school at least thirty six (36) hours before the actual schedule appointment. Base on Massachusetts Law, road test schedule will be automatically cancelled when a public school system closed at the location or State Emergency declared.

B- Riding Service:

Riding Service is a pick-up and a drop-off service. A road test student will be picked up at the residential address.  The pick-up time is vary by a number of road test student. The one student road test will be picked up one hour, the two student road test will be one hour and half and the three student road test will be two hours before the actual appointment of the road test. The priority for the pick-up will be assigned to the geographical location. The maximum load is not greater than three. The students are also dropped off at a residential or preferred places in town of our business location after the road test done. The student is supposed to be ready to be picked-up at the assigned time and expected place. When the pick-up location will be differed from the residential address, each student has to inform the school or the assigned instructor a head of time.

C- Driving Skills Refreshing:

The refreshed driving skills are skills that student is supposed to do to pass the road test. The driving skills will be taught, reviewed and refreshed. Such a refresh the road test student is put either on observing or driving since the pick-up. A refreshing will be performed from the pick-up whether switching from driving or observing along the way to the road test location. The driving part of the refresh is shared half an hour between the road test students.

D- Sponsor:

A school instructor, who will be assigned to assists the student, is a sponsor. The sponsor will pick the student up at the residential or expected address. The sponsor will assists student even to prepare an application form as well as sponsoring the road test through the whole process of the sponsorship.

E- Vehicle Being Used:

The school car, which will be assigned to an instructor to use to bring student for the road test, is the vehicle being used. The assigned car will be used for the riding, the refreshing, and the testing through the whole process of the sponsorship.



             The Massachusetts Drivers Program is prepared to accept student either before or after  student obtaining Learner's Permit.  The student age under eighteen must have consent of Parent/Legal Guardian. To enroll to the program, the student must meet the requirement; be at least age 15 years and nine months, have parent consent, be ready to be trained, be able to speak American English.

1- Age:

To be legible to enroll for the Massachusetts Driver Program, a student must be at least age 15 years and nine months.

2- Consent: 

If a student is under age 18, he/she must obtain consent of his/her parent or legal guardian before he/he is accepted to the class.

3- Learners Permit:

To be legible to complete the program the student must obtain a valid Learner's Permit. The student has to make an effort to obtain a Learner's Permit, especially while doing the classroom sessions. For an effort to get a Learner's Permit, the Massachusetts Driver Program Student is allowed to join any other class  or program repeatedly as needed to pass the Written Test.

4- Medical Condition:

Student has to understand that physical and mental aptitude fit for driving is legitimately need. Any medical condition that may block the way for success need to be informed to avoid a non-refunded service determination while found unable to perform the tasks at the instruction session.

5- Readiness:

 Student has to understand that he/she wants to be trained; to do driving lesson, to prepare to take road test, to be a driver who will drive independently. Readiness and preparedness make student success for those of safety, obtaining license and even saving money.

6- Languages:

American English is our school official language use. Enroller, who speaks the languages of the existing instructors of the school, is usually accepted. Language interpreter is not allowed in the In-Car Instruction due to the insurance coverage policy.         



               Investment is expected when the service is rendered. The account total of the Massachusetts Driver Program is seven hundreds ($700) dollars. Any charge or fee made by the Registry of Motor Vehicles is a sole responsibility of student or student's parent.


Investment is expected when the service is rendered. The total account of seven hundreds must be paid in full. In case of an installment agreed, a forty percent deposit of the total fee and pay off the rest on a full session before the completion of the program or a bill is due. To avoid disrupting the flow of the training activity the payment must be made before or at the due date. To set up On-Road driving schedule the payment/installment and student available learning time will be collected. It is first comes first serves basis. An invoice will be issued to collect and confirm the payment due or paid.

2- Refund:

At the enrollment as an account was paid in full. And if a student fails to receive the service or withdraws prior to the service commence, the refund policy is as the following:

A. If the service is discontinued or the enrollment is not accepted by SIMS, all money paid will be refunded.

B. Upon receiving a written notice of cancellation within 5 business days prior to the beginning of service, all money paid will be refunded.

C. Refund is not given if a student fails to receive the service due to excessive absences or violates the written policy of the program of the school. 



             Completion is a satisfactory completion.  It is satisfactorily completed, when the requirements of; the Student Classroom Component, the Road Component, the Parental Curriculum Component are done, and the tuition is paid. This policy allows the school to submit its request for Driver's Education Certificate only when student has satisfactorily completed the program. It is First Comes First Serves Basis. It means that the earliest the student could have satisfactorily completed the components and tuition paid, the school will submit right away a request for the certificate issuance. The Registry of Motor Vehicles will issue and mail the certificate directly to the individual student at the mailing address.




Schedule is set up for the conveniences of students.  It is in the evening for the classroom component, on the availability of student time for the road component, and at the second week of the driver education program for Parent Curriculum Component.


The classroom schedule is normally 5:00pm to 8:300pm for regular class and 9:00am to 3:30pm for accelerated class. The regular class, the classroom schedule is set every two week base on the school policy. The class is usually started on Mondays of every other week and make through Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for two weeks. For the accelerated class, the schedule is on the no-school-day (public school vacation) period every week. The class will not be started if the enrolled students show up less than three and moved to next week or next schedule. Student will not be accept for a certain program if the number is more than fifteen. Next classroom schedule will be posted one after another at and the school location. Reminding letter may be prepared to remind those students who need to make up the missed class(s).


 The On-Road schedule is normally collected from student for the availability. A definite schedule is matched between the availability of the student time and availability of the school time. The definite schedule must be informed and agreed. The agreed schedule must be abiden unless there is natural reason to cancel.

Parent Curriculum:

 The parent class is normally 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Parent Curriculum schedule is usually set at the second week of the driver education program. An invitation letter is handed or mailed out within five business days before the actual session. Attendee can be either parent, legal guardian, or designee.  


The classroom sessions of an assigned program are required to attend from the enrolled student regularly.  The agreed schedule must be abiden unless there is logical reason to cancel. In case of unavoidable absence, parent or student must call to the assigned school telephone number ahead of time at least one hour. 

3- Make up:

Each and every student is expected to attend the assigned program and class regularly. Make up class is a must if either class, the classroom or on-road, had missed. It is of course a student responsibility to contact the school to make up the missed class(s).



             If any dispute, a current policy will always be used. A special consideration needs to be made by the management level when it is encountered not in the written policy.



            The school reserves its rights to practice and bring into practice the school business standard and professional driving school operation requirement. The school reserves its right not to accept more students to the particular class when the enrollment number is more than fifteen and not to open the particular class when the enrolled students show up is less than three. The school reserves its rights not to accept student who, seen, is not ready for the class. The school reserves its right to drop off with a refund of the remaining deposited fund of any student who, seen, is not co-operating with instructor(s) or not speaking the school officially use language. When the refund is given any obligation and liability to the program is null. The policy may change at any time without notice so one enrollment can not be exactly the same as the other.



             For student, who is a Massachusetts Driver Program of SIMS Driving School will be offered a Referral Reward of fifteen ($15) dollars for referring a full course student to SIMS Driving School.



           Any charge or fee made by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is a student own expense and responsibility. They are; fifteen ($15) dollars certificate fee, twenty ($20) dollars road test fee, and forty ($40) dollars driver license issue.



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Enforcement is the effectiveness of the policy.

SIM'S Driving School is a Licensed Professional Driving School. We are insured by the COMMERCE INSURANCE COMPANY for the vehicles, THE HARTFORD for liability and the NGM Insurance Company for the Surety Bond. Copyright @ SIM'S Driving School. All rights reserved.