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October 22, 2018

FAQ - Road Test And Driver License

How can I get my Driver's License?
You must do and pass a road test.
If you feel confident enough to pass the Road Test call 800-858-3926 to RMV to book your road test and go to do the test, but if you do not feel confident enough to pass the Road Test  simply sign up with SIM'S Driving School and learn the materials to pass the Road Test and ask SIM'S to sponsor your Road Test.

What do they do for the Road Test?
Nothing is optional for the state road test.
They do all the driving skills; Hand signals, Simply drive on the road and see how you operate your vehicle safely under the rules of the road, Park Straight along the curb, Park up hill and down hill,  Reverse on a straight line, three point turn, Parallel park.


Use this checklist to see how far you have been going through driving skills. Almost 100% you will pass a first try Road Test if you can perform these 17 practices:

? 1.Use hand signals.

? 2. Start the engine.

? 3. Start and stop the vehicle.

? 4. Parallel Park.

? 5. Back the vehicle approximately 50 feet.

? 6. Make left-right turns.

? 7. Start, stop, and turn the vehicle on a hill.

? 8. Turn around between curbs (3point turn).

? 9. Enter and leave intersections.

? 10. Recognize and obey traffic signs, lights and signals, and other rules of

         the road.

? 11. Use good driving rules.

In addition to judging your overall driving skills, the examiner will note how well you follow general good-driving procedures, including whether you...

? 12. Use good driving posture, with both hands always placed properly on

 the wheel.

? 13. Driving in the proper traffic lane and look carefully and signal

 properly before changing lanes.

? 14. Maintain enough distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of


? 15. Always drive at safe speeds to comply with speed limits and varying

         traffic conditions.

? 16. Yield the right-of-way correctly.

? 17. Are generally aware of your actions and particularly those of other


NOTE: Learn some more!! if you do not feel confidence with any one of these



Good Luck to you.

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